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Age Range – 2-4 Years


At Fingerprints we aim to provide quality care and education, underpinned by Christian principles. It is our goal to provide a safe, stimulating and secure learning environment where children can learn, grow and develop to their full potential. Our intention is to provide an environment where all members of the pre-school community support one another and everyone feels cared for, happy, respected and valued.

The Christian ethos promotes inclusion for all children and celebrates the uniqueness of every child whilst encouraging them to develop the skills of compassion, respect, grace and self-discipline.

We believe that creating the right environment is crucial and therefore we strive to create a secure environment where children feel safe. A robust discipline policy with clear behaviour boundaries ensures an environment suitable for learning for all.

We aim to offer parents and carers the opportunity to join a caring community which supports the whole family whilst their child is in our care. Family members are actively encouraged to be a part of their child’s education. We aim to build strong pastoral relationships with the children and their families supporting them throughout their time with us.

We operate the government 3 and 4 year funding entitlement and for those who are eligible, the 2 year funding and the 30 hour scheme.

Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. We incorporate theme- based learning on a weekly basis taking into account the children’s interests. Our curriculum, based on the child’s experiences, uses the resources available in and around the pre-school to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the children in our care. We aim to provide our community of key workers with opportunities to expand on their own learning and to share their subject strengths with their peers.


We recognise parents/carers as the child’s primary educator and aim to work closely with them, thereby encouraging and enabling them to take an active role in partnership with us for the care and education of their child.

We aim to provide a welcoming and caring environment with regular opportunities for parents to communicate both formally and informally with staff members regarding any issues or concerns.


We believe that all children can reach their potential given the right environment and encouragement.

We strive to recognise, celebrate and encourage children’s skills and attributes, supporting them as they grow and learn, and helping them to develop further skills in all areas of learning.

We aim to give children a positive and enjoyable start to their early education, creating life-long learners who will become confident, independent and respectful young adults.

Adeyfield Ofsted Number : EY561630


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